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Before you decide to become a pilot, sign up for a test flight with our instructors. It’s guaranteed to spark your passion.

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Once I’ve started flying I quickly realized – it’s the most profound experience possible. The feeling of being alive that’s impossible to feel if you’re standing on solid ground. While we were flying over the mountains, it was morning. The experience of the sun rising was thrilling. Since that day I haven’t managed to shake the feeling of flying, the smell inside the pilot cabin, the sound of the airplane engine revving. Above all, the feeling of respect as the world grows smaller beneath your feet. Become a pilot – that’s the only thing left to do.



I get into the airplane. One look at the dashboard and everything seems familiar. Heart’s pounding in my chest and my breathing quickens. I turn on the engine and hear a familiar sound as all the anxiety fades away. A single deep breath, and suddenly I’m calm. Going through the pre-flight checklist, there’s a smile on my face as I ascend. In a few minutes, I’m soaring up high above the mountains and the sea. I’m thrilled to look at the world from a different perspective.


Price of a single flight above Zagreb: 750 HRK per person, 20 minutes flight

Starting point: Airport Lučko

Airplane : Gyroplane  – AutoGyro MTOsport


  • Minimal height of a person: 140 cm
  • Maximum weight of a person: 100 kg
  • Wear sturdy footwear, shoes or sneakers
  • There’s no age limit for the test flight – children can fly, a written permission from their parents is required




Avio Academy


In order to fly a plane independently, you’ll have to learn how to fly and pass the pilot’s exam. 

Test flight

The idea of becoming a pilot is tempting, however, you’re never sure until you try it out. 

Gyrocopters for sale

You want to purchase your very own plane that dosen’t cost a fortune. We can help. 

gyrocopter rent

If you already have a pilot license, this is the place where you can rent an airplane.


Book an airplane ride and experience what’s it like to fly. 

Our mission – become a pilot

Find your hidden passion for flying and let flying become a loved hobby. It’s our mission to bring the concept of flying from myth into reality. We’re in love with the pilot’s life – especially with the thrill, freedom and joy it brings into our daily routine.


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