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Why fly a gyrocopter ?


Gyrocopter or gyroplane is the safest vehicle to take to the sky to date, which makes it ideal for recreational flights. It also makes a great first airplane, which you’ll never forget. A gyroplane’s rotor isn’t solely powered by a motor, rather than the stream of air. This means it can stay in the air even in the event of an engine failure. Considering you can’t STALL a gyrocopter, it’s safe to say it’s one the most pleasurable ways to fly.

AutoGyro Cavalon

Price from 90.000 EUR to 118.000 EUR

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AutoGyro Calidus

Price from 70.000 EUR to 95.000 EUR

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AutoGyro MTOsport

Price from 60.000 EUR to 80.000 EUR

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Avio Academy


In order to fly a plane independently, you’ll have to learn how to fly and pass the pilot’s exam. 

Test flight

The idea of becoming a pilot is tempting, however, you’re never sure until you try it out. 

Gyrocopters for sale

You want to purchase your very own plane that dosen’t cost a fortune. We can help. 

gyrocopter rent

If you already have a pilot license, this is the place where you can rent an airplane.


Book an airplane ride and experience what’s it like to fly. 

Our mission – become a pilot

Find your hidden passion for flying and let flying become a loved hobby. It’s our mission to bring the concept of flying from myth into reality. We’re in love with the pilot’s life – especially with the thrill, freedom and joy it brings into our daily routine.


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